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20 Best PHP Frameworks For Developers Themescorners Themes

20 Best PHP Frameworks for Developers Themescorners Themes
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  • 7 December, 2017

20 Best PHP Frameworks For Developers Themescorners Themes

PHP is a powerful and one of the most popular coding language among web programmers. Majority of the most popular websites on the web are based on PHP programming language. In this article, we are looking to help you choose the best PHP framework for 2017.

Every developer knows that a proper framework enables to create applications quicker, safer and more efficiently. Choosing a right framework before building your application is crucial for robustness and success. PHP frameworks are super useful tools for web development, as they are real time-savers when it comes to creation and maintenance of the PHP website.

Generally framework consists of:

  • A Toolbox – a set of prefabricated, rapidly integratable software components.
    It means writing less code, with less risk of error. It also means greater productivity and the ability to devote more time to doing those things which provide greater added value, such as managing guiding principles, side effects, etc.
  • A Methodology – an “assembly diagram” for applications. A structured approach may seem constraining at first. But in reality it allows developers to work both efficiently and effectively on the most complex aspects of a task, and the use of Best Practices guarantees the stability, maintainability and upgradeability of the applications you develop.

There are a lot of solid PHP frameworks on the market, so it is probably hard to choose one. We have gathered a list of the best PHP frameworks currently on the market and share our insights in finding the best one for your application. Every framework has its own advantages as well as disadvantages, so if you have a preferred Framework by which you work with aside from the ones listed here, please do let us know by comment us your feedback in the comment section below.

1) Laravel
2) Phalcon
3) Symfony 2
4) Yii Framework
5) CodeIgniter
6) Cake PHP
7) Aura
8) Zend Framework
9) Kohana
10) Slim Framework
11) Fuel PHP
12) Flight
13) Medoo
14) PHPixie
15) Pop PHP
16) Simple MVC Framework
17) Typo3 Flow
18) Nette
19) Agavi
20) Silex

1) Laravel Framework

Laravel is a free, open source and one of the best PHP Web application framework, designed for developing MVC web applications. In our opinion, Laravel is the best overall PHP framework of 2017. Laravel is currently the most popular PHP framework, with a huge community of developers. Laravel is well readable and well-documented that helps you speed up your coding. You can manage all your application’s third-party packages, and works great on MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, and SQLite.

Even it is just still new (released February 22, 2012), but it has catch lot of developers attention. The latest version of Laravel comes as individual Composer packages. It features with good routing, easy authentication, migrations support, Blade templating engine and many more.

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20 Best PHP Frameworks for Developers Themescorners Themes

Special Features

  • Good Routing
  • Easy Authentication
  • Migrations Support
  • Blade Templating Engine

2) Phalcon Framework

Phalcon is a MVC based PHP framework, uniquely built as C-extension, meaning it’s absolutely blazing fast. Phalcon uses very few resources in comparison to other frameworks, translating into very fast processing of HTTP requests, which can be critical for developers working with systems that don’t offer much overhead.

Phalcon code is compiled and isn’t interpreted because it’s already compiled to a specific platform and processor. A powerful ORM is provided by Phalcon allowing you to manipulate database records as classes and objects. MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite are supported out of the box.

Inspired with the fastest living bird of Falcon, Phalcon framework offers the same ability which is speed. When benchmarked with other popular frameworks, it has the fastest time request and lowest memory usage according to Systems Architect and Phalcon crew test. This happen because it was purely written with C/C++ for performance optimization purpose.

Special Features

  • Fast Processing
  • Auto-Loading
  • Lowest Memory Usage
  • Web Performance Positive

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