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How can eliminate coronavirus (COVID-19)?

How can eliminate coronavirus (COVID-19)?

How can eliminate coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Above all, Guidelines have been issued by the National Health Commission of China, that the virus can be eradicated by some measures.

  1. The first solution is ultraviolet (UV) radiation. UV radiation has the ability to eliminate this virus, but UV lamps should not be used on the hands and skin of any place. Radiation can cause skin damage.
  2. If the virus is kept at a temperature of 56 ° C for 30 minutes, it can be deactivated.
  3. In addition, there are some chlorine-based disinfectants that can kill surface viruses. They contain ether, 75 percent ethanol, parasitic acid, and chloroform.

How to protect against coronavirus (COVID-19)?

  1. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water, or clean them by rubbing alcohol-based hands.
  2. Maintain a distance of at least 1 meter between you and coughing or sneezing people.
  3. Avoid touching your face.
  4. Cover your mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing.
  5. Stay home if you feel unwell.
  6. Smoking and other lung weakening activities should be avoided.
  7. Practice physical distance by avoiding unnecessary travel and staying away from large groups of people.

Above all For Live Update of Coronavirus: – Coronavirus Live Status

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How to protect against coronavirus (COVID-19)?


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